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Dark Rose Designs

♥愛 の プーリップ♥

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Dark Rose Designs is a colaberation of two women who love Pullip dolls! We collect them, we sew for them, we photograph them, we customize them and we spoil them! We love our dolls, and that fact is very evident in everything we do for them. All our customizations are labors of love, as you can see. We take comissions, so please don't be afraid to ask!

This journal is our little place in LJ land to keep people updated about what we're doing, our projects, sales and other things. Please don't ask us for advice. While we're generally giving people, we don't do "Pullip 101". There are pleanty of other communities for that. Many of the techniques we use we have learned through trial and error, and we believe that's the best way for anyone to learn. So if you're just starting into doll customization, please keep your chin up and keep trying! You'll figure it out, just like we have. Please feel free to join, but understand that only we can post. We will leave it open for comments...please read the rules before joining or commenting! Thanks!

There are a few rules for our journal:

1. Be nice!! No flaming us or anyone else. We make our dolls for our pleasure. We have this community open for our pleasure. We're sorry if you don't like something we (or others) say or do. We always like to have people here, but please remember you can leave at any time.

2. Be constructive! You will not like everything we make. We can't please everyone, and we don't really try. If you have constructive advice or critiques to offer, please feel free. But remember what your mother said "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

3. Be considerate! This is a good rule in life, and we enforce it strictly here.

4. Leave the drama at the door! We're not looking for drama, for hard feelings or ill wills. We're looking to have fun with our dolls and aspire to find divine inspiration in all our works. We enjoy what we do, and that's what we're in this for. There are other places to vent drama, but this is not the place. Childish drama will not be tolerated.

5. Have fun! We think this one is self-explanitory. ^_^;

Pullips are Love!